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WELCOME to The Vault & Co.

Bryan has over 12 years in the Jewelry Coins and Loan industry, founding his first Pawn Shop in Bedford Virginia Bryan quickly realized that the market was ripe for multiple locations. After a successful expansion to 4 stores on the east coast his former company Pawn Solutions quickly became a 5 star rated competitor in the Central Virginia and Florida Markets. After receiving an offer he couldn't refuse, Bryan sold out, and his family moved to Saint Augustine Florida for the small town community based environment, beautiful weather, beaches and A rated schools. A lifelong artist & concert pianist, Bryan translated his artistic passions into Jewelry design recently completing his bench jewelers certification in Fort Lauderdale.


Bryan's father Coin Guy is a famous Youtube personality and expert in coins where he learned the coin trade. Having held and tested over one million pieces of jewelry you can rest assured you will get a fair cash offer for your items. With a keen eye on the market and the ever changing demands of business The Vault is pleased to be Saint Augustine's first Hybrid Jewelry/Loan center. Combining the best of the pawn model with cash loans on items of value such as Homes Land Vehicles Luxury Goods Bags Watches Luis Vuitton, Rolex, Fendi, Gold Silver Coins Bullion Mont Blanc Hermes Gucci Patek Phillipe Prada Breitling Tiffanys Cartier and many more with an unmatched expertise in Numismatic Coins, Coin collections, Constitutional Silver, Gold and Silver Bullion, Gold and Silver Eagles, Maples, Krugerrands, Peace and Morgan Dollars, and many more. The Vault & Co. also offers full service jewelry design services, watch battery replacement, engagement, bridal and estate jewelry selections.


Rest assured that if you have an item of value The Vault & Co. can buy it for a fair cash price, consign it, or broker the deal to any of our numerous in the trade connections.

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